New Tanner’s Guide

We know that sometimes your first tan can be a little intimidating, but the experts at Tan de Soleil are here to make it as simple and enjoyable as possible for you!!  Just follow our easy steps to tanning and you will get the results you are looking for!

People always ask us what the proper attire is for tanning and the truth is, there isn’t any!  Many clients like to tan in the nude to avoid those not-so-subtle tan lines, but others feel more comfortable tanning in a bathing suit or their underwear.  Remember, if you do decide to go nude,  some places on the body may not normally be exposed and therefore are more sensitive to sunlight!  Try covering those area’s for part of your tan until they build up more of a tolerance for sunlight.

Make sure you are always using eye protection!  Tan de Soleil provides you with sanitized eyewear, so you will never forget to put them on!  Even if you keep your eyes closed, your eyelids are too thin to block the UV rays and that could cause long term damage.  Covering your eyes with a towel won’t work either!  UV light can penetrate through fabric so your eyes will still be exposed!

Next comes our favourite part … tanning lotion!  The type of tanning lotion you chose will be unique to your skin type and tanning goals, and the experts at Tan de Soleil are happy to help you find the best lotion for you.  Once you have chosen one, be sure to apply it evenly and all over your body to get the best results!  We also recommend using a Tan Extender to give you a longer lasting, fabulous tan!

Now you are ready to jump in a stand up, or relax in one of our laydowns.

The staff at Tan de Soleil want to make your experience as relaxing and comfortable as we can, so feel free to talk to any of our Smart Tan certified staff if you have any questions or concerns!

Happy Tanning!!


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